Jamaica weed culture; One Love, One heart.

Jamaica’s weed culture is deeply rooted in the heritage of the small Caribbean island. Jamaica the land of wood and water. Majority of the classical international artistes that we know practice smoking the herb on a daily basis, despite the fact that it was illegal to have the plant in your possession. Jamaicans don’t just … Read more

Effects of Improper Humid Conditions on Marijuana Plant

Cannabis in humid weather

Marijuana plant needs good care during their growth period. The more the efforts during the growth of the plant, the better is the result. Among the number of factors affecting the quality of marijuana, humidity leads the race. It plays a pivotal role in the growth of not only marijuana plant but almost all the … Read more

Growth Hacks for the Best Tasting Marijuana

Marijuana has a big industry of its own and the people dealing with the same have just one motive in mind i.e. to maximize the yields. Their other aim is to get the maximum number of buds out of each marijuana plant. But, what usually gets ignored is the quality of the product. The fact … Read more

Fire up a bong for the World Cup; 5 minute bongs and treats for the half time | HighAF

We’ve all waited four whole years for the FIFA World Cup to come back around so that we could ship our favorite teams. So far we’ve witnessed shocking losses and ridiculous own goals but the games are still going on and we want to be stoned for the finals. Ever thought of making homemade bongs … Read more

Legalizing the use of Marijuana in Canada

Marijuana legalization in Canada

The Canadian government made a big announcement when Canada’s Senate was to vote upon a controversial matter dealing with legalizing marijuana. The Senate on 19th June 2018, voted in the favor of legalizing marijuana with the majority of 52-29 to pass the Cannabis Act. This was an historic legislation not only for the country but … Read more