Negative and positive impacts of using weed to cure depression and anxiety

It’s an emerging trend for marijuana to be an open source for treatment in the medical world but is it the best thing for depression? Majority of persons who agreed to smoking pot when they feel depressed or anxious reported a 99.9% success rate. We know that not everyone responds to medication the same, which … Read more

Epidiolex; First FDA approved marijuana based drug

Epidiolex; the first cannabis based FDA approved drug on the market for 2018. The drug was produced by GW Pharmaceuticals, a British biotech company that is seemingly well known for the cannabis-based multiple sclerosis drug Sativex; more than 30 countries outside of the U.S have approved the drug. The drug was approved on June 25, … Read more

Decriminalization of weed in Caribbean countries

Map of the Caribbean

The Caribbean consists of the Lesser and Greater Antilles with different laws governing each sunny island. It is a common belief that weed is relatively grown in large proportions on the islands of the Greater Antilles. Majority of the cultivated weed is primarily consumed within the islands. The need for export has grown over the … Read more


Cannabis isn’t only for smoking. Using cannabis in skin care products is now an emerging trend in the 21st century. Many self conscious persons are now opting for less chemically processed products and cruelty free ways to take care of their body. Promoting a good night’s rest and relieving stress and anxiety are health benefits … Read more

New York Emergency Rule Okay’s Medical Marijuana as an Opioid Alternative

“Medical marijuana has been shown to be an effective treatment for pain that may also reduce the chance of opioid dependence,” Howard Zucker, New York State Health Commissioner said recently. July 12, 2018 was another historic day for marijuana lovers and all the New Yorkers as it began with a revolutionary announcement made by New … Read more