Zero waste vs Stoners; how to practice saving the earth while getting high

Zero waste is the future and with the emerging trend of new smokers, it is a possibility that we are adding to the mass pollution that’s affecting the climate change. The zero waste lifestyle is philosophy that encourages the redesign of resources so that all products are reused. The main goal of this lifestyle is for no trash to be sent to landfills or the ocean, the process is similar to the way resources are reused in nature.

How to go zero waste?

Here are a few steps on how to change your life choices that will result in helping the earth.

1. Reuse plastic bags
2. Deny single use plastics (plastic forks, straws, etc.)
3. Take reusable tote bags while shopping
4. Swap tea bags for loose leaf tea
5. Take wax cloths or reusable cloth bags when buying produce.


Zero waste
Weed tote bag


Zero waste for stoners

Our herbs come prepackaged in a small plastic bag which isn’t reusable, we ditch it after we get our stash. To prevent adding to waste consumption what we can do is to take our own containers when we go to the dispensary or the plug.

Individually packaged grams

When shopping for rolling papers, avoid purchasing bleached papers. Instead opt for a more eco friendly paper that uses pure hemp or rice paper, good brands to look into are Elements or Raw. Invest in a good stainless steel grinder that will serve you for many years with proper care.

If you are looking to go paperless, invest in a good glass bong or a wooden pipe which would mean also investing in refillable lighters or clippers. You can choose to order the tin of gas and refill at home with caution or you can support a local store and pay for the refill.

Glass bong gif

Instead of smoking, you can always try other methods to get your high. Edibles are a fun alternative to smoking and it’s rumored that they actually get us more stoned than if we actually smoked since it is being directly consumed in the body. Other than edibles, you can always incorporate THC in your meals by cannabis butter or cannabis oil. Cannabis tea is said to help calm rattled nerves and anxiety, see our post on the effects of marijuana when used to cure depression and anxiety.

Last suggestion is getting a great stash box to keep everything in one place so you don’t lose them and end up having to purchase a new lighter or a new stack of rolling papers. A recommendation from us here at HighAF would be our maple wood and walnut stash box. With the perfect length and depth, you’d have no problem with securing all of your gadgets in one place comfortably and with ease. Product will be released soon, get yours here.

Glass jars for displays

Encourage your local dispensary and plug to go eco friendly by reducing plastic consumption and package weed in mesh cloth bags or making a ‘carry your own container rule.’ They can also lessen waste consumption by displaying their goods in glass jars which are more durable and sustainable than plastic jars.

We all have to play our part in saving the earth, one small step to waste reduction today will have you mastering zero waste in no time.