HighAF Stash Box

The HighAF stash box is the perfect compartment for your stash and here’s why. With a length of 10 inches you can comfortably store your gadgets without interferences. The 5.5 inches width allows for easy access and a clear view of your stash. The HighAF stash box is 2.75 inches deep which is the perfect fit for a herb grinder or other gadgets.

Stop hiding and start integrating 

The HighAF box is versatile. What we are aiming for is to prevent you from hiding your stash and for it to be integrated with your surroundings. Real walnut and maple wood were selected to make this stash box to bring you the best quality and a style that complements your space. The light maple wood is a beautiful balance to the dark walnut with a double sanded smooth finish, rounding it off with an oil finish to keep the naturality of the wood.

Our stash box is a spectacle to behold with the totality of complementary features that is sure to enhance your surroundings and have all of your guests, herb enthusiasts and non enthusiasts alike, gushing over your new box. It might be mistaken for a new decorative piece in your home and that means we have succeeded in bringing you a taste of the finer things in life at a low cost.

Proper care and maintenance

With proper care and maintenance your stash box should last just as long as your titanium herb grinder. Our unique selection of wood and finish brings you durability and quality. We strive to lessen the negative view persons have on herb enthusiasts and what better way to do it than to store your stash in an original hand made wooden stash box that is aesthetically pleasing and blends well with your home.

It’s always a plus to have all of your gadgets and necessities in one place. The dimensions of the stash box we have crafted for you is just the size you are looking for to store your herb grinder, herbs, lighter and, papers and if you’re great at packing then you can surely fit a glass pipe and watch the lid go on smoothly without any troubles.

The HighAF stash is the perfect herb box for you with reasonable dimensions and materials that promises longevity and durability for years to come. Not to forget the oil finished real walnut and maple wood features that doesn’t hide your stash but complements the natural beauty of it.