How to spend Hightine’s Day alone

Roses are red, Weed is green, you’re the smoke to my high; cannabe your valentine? You light up my life, literally. With or without a bae,you can always have a Hightine’s Day and we here at HighAF are gonna show you just how you can enjoy Hightine’s day by yourself- with a joint of course.

First things first-Rest In Peace Uncle Phil-, wear full black. Red and White is for the lovers and even though we’re not bitter and we don’t hate love, we’re not supporting the candy cane attire. Don’t mind the weather where you live, it’s a myth that black draws heat; we support weed relationships globally.

Second is, stack up. If your stash is running low now is the perfect time to actually contact your local supplier. If your supplier delivers, don’t be afraid to light up with them. Its Hightine’s day and we all deserve someone to share a toke with even if it’s our supplier. Get a baking sheet to spread some of our green friends on and allow it to decarboxylate in the oven because later on dinner is going to be lit. While you’re out don’t forget to pick up a bottle or two of your favorite red wine and if you’re not a wine person then beer and vodka drinks well on any day of the year.

Rolling with the theme

Spruce it up for Hightine’s day. Instead of using rolling paper like you do every other day, try tobacco wraps and stick with the theme so choose cherry and apple flavors. Since we already know how to make cannabutter or cannabis infused oil (if not please click here for our HIGHAF guide on how to make both) let’s get started on dinner. Yes, I know it’s a one person day but eating dinner while watching movies won’t hurt and since we’re not looking to cry and think about our loneliness, we’ll be watching a good action or comedy. Our recommendation is 
Life of the Party. 

High Dinner and movies

Here’s our menu for tonight; the typical Valentine’s Day dinner is spaghetti and meatballs but since this is Hightine’s Day, we’ll be eating Macaroni and Cheese and just any Macaroni and Cheese, high Mac and Cheese. We can still do the meatballs on the side if you want and some veggies in the corner to balance everything out. We cater to vegans as well, just remove the non-vegan items and replace them with what you need. At least we know that wine is E for Everyone.

Time to relax

Now that dinner is ready and the movies are waiting, let’stake a quick relaxation bath with our cannabis infused candles and bath scrubs. Remember, keep one hand dry so that we can get high while treating our body to a nice relaxing aromatherapy bath. Once we’re through with the bath, it’s food and movie time. Hopefully we have normal snack and food in our kitchen because we’ll be facing the munchies in no time and let’s not forget that we’ll be so relaxed and content with ourselves that we won’t even remember that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be spent with someone else but what the heck, we have weed and we’re quite in love with our nugs and I’m quite in love with my stashbox,you can get one here.

What are you doing on Valentine’s day??

Now remember, you’re not just single. You’re single and HIGH! Happy Hightine’s Day from the HIGHAF crew. Stay high!