Using CBD oil to treat anxiety

Anxiety has been a rising diagnosis among the Gen-Z population and psychiatrists have been prescribing antidepressant prescription drugs known as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors are used to treat panic disorders. Anxiety disorders are a group of mental disorders characterized by significant feelings of anxiety and fear. Anxiety is described as the worry of the unknown such as future events, and is generally fear is a reaction to current events. These feelings will cause both mental and physical distress in persons suffering from anxiety. According to the World Health Organization(WHO) 1 in 13 persons – globally- suffer from anxiety and is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder worldwide.  

Overthinking is also a huge contributor to anxiety attacks.

What triggers an anxiety disorder?

Research shows that a range off actors can work together to trigger an anxiety disorder. Persons with anxiety disorders regularly have a specific genetic predisposition towards them, and physical factors, such as an imbalance of hormones and chemical messengers in areas of the brain, also can play an important role in causing an anxiety. Anxiety occurs when a person regularly feels disproportionate levels or distress, worry or, fear over an emotional trigger. Psychiatrists who specialize in anxiety disorders target the emotional trigger to treat anxiety disorders.

There are said to be five major anxiety disorders:

  1. Social anxiety/ social phobia
  2. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  3. Panic disorder
  4. Obsessive compulsive disorder
  5. Generalized Anxiety disorder

Research done by Online Medical Card.

CBD for anxiety

CBD oil is a natural alternative to prescription drugs and is non-psychoactive which ensures that no addiction can be formed. Usually, anxiety medication are to be taken when needed but a regular every day dosage of CBD oil can cause a long term effect on the brain and prevent the symptoms from arising, whereas, the anxiety medication can only provide temporary relief.

Health care providers should look into prescribing a measured dosage of CBD oil to patients suffering with anxiety as it interacts with the endocannabinoids that are already in the body to adapt to outside stressors. CBD is known to possess anti-depressive and anti-anxiety properties. For more information on how CBD affects the brain’s receptors, please click here to read our extensive article on the benefits of CBD oil. Along with meditation, CBD oil is the best long term natural cure for anxiety.

Please, contact your health care provider before starting a regular daily dosage of CBD oil for further information especially if you are pregnant.