Four creative ways to repurpose your marijuana stems

If you are aren’t one of the few who grind the stems along with the bud then you probably have a good amount of stems lying in and around your stash box. No worries, creative or not here are a four creative ways you can repurpose those stems into something worthwhile, short stems or long … Read more

CARICOM countries safe for weed enthusiasts

The CARICOM countries of the Eastern Hemisphere holds beauty, sunshine and promising beaches. Your love for marijuana shouldn’t be a contributing factor to reasons why you don’t visit one of the beautiful islands. If you’re looking for a vacation, look no further than the Caribbean and its booming tourism industry with a culture like no … Read more


Cannabis isn’t only for smoking. Using cannabis in skin care products is now an emerging trend in the 21st century. Many self conscious persons are now opting for less chemically processed products and cruelty free ways to take care of their body. Promoting a good night’s rest and relieving stress and anxiety are health benefits … Read more

Epidiolex: The First FDA Approved Cannabidiol-Based Treatment

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced they have approved the soon-to-be-released cannabidiol-based prescription Epidiolex, as a treatment for two forms of seizure disorders. As of last week, Epidiolex is the first prescription medication containing cannabinoids which has been approved by the FDA. Not only does this mark a significant step forward in the … Read more

Effects of Improper Humid Conditions on Marijuana Plant

Cannabis in humid weather

Marijuana plant needs good care during their growth period. The more the efforts during the growth of the plant, the better is the result. Among the number of factors affecting the quality of marijuana, humidity leads the race. It plays a pivotal role in the growth of not only marijuana plant but almost all the … Read more

Growth Hacks for the Best Tasting Marijuana

Marijuana has a big industry of its own and the people dealing with the same have just one motive in mind i.e. to maximize the yields. Their other aim is to get the maximum number of buds out of each marijuana plant. But, what usually gets ignored is the quality of the product. The fact … Read more