Four creative ways to repurpose your marijuana stems

If you are aren’t one of the few who grind the stems along with the bud then you probably have a good amount of stems lying in and around your stash box. No worries, creative or not here are a four creative ways you can repurpose those stems into something worthwhile, short stems or long … Read more

Marijuana trends to look forward to in 2019

With more countries looking to legalize or decriminalize marijuana, this is paving the way for more emerging trends in marijuana usage. With 30 states in the United States already in the green with the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana and Canada expecting to legalize weed in October of this year we are expecting a … Read more

Negative and positive impacts of using weed to cure depression and anxiety

It’s an emerging trend for marijuana to be an open source for treatment in the medical world but is it the best thing for depression? Majority of persons who agreed to smoking pot when they feel depressed or anxious reported a 99.9% success rate. We know that not everyone responds to medication the same, which … Read more

Epidiolex; First FDA approved marijuana based drug

Epidiolex; the first cannabis based FDA approved drug on the market for 2018. The drug was produced by GW Pharmaceuticals, a British biotech company that is seemingly well known for the cannabis-based multiple sclerosis drug Sativex; more than 30 countries outside of the U.S have approved the drug. The drug was approved on June 25, … Read more

Decriminalization of weed in Caribbean countries

Map of the Caribbean

The Caribbean consists of the Lesser and Greater Antilles with different laws governing each sunny island. It is a common belief that weed is relatively grown in large proportions on the islands of the Greater Antilles. Majority of the cultivated weed is primarily consumed within the islands. The need for export has grown over the … Read more

Are you Committing These 6 Mistakes While Growing Marijuana?

Marijuana is among the rarest of the plants which requires no specific condition to grow. If provided with the right conditions, they can grow faster and turn into tall plants. Cannabis plants are known to be resilient. The plant grows almost everywhere on this Earth within an array of climates. This unique property of marijuana … Read more