Negative and positive impacts of using weed to cure depression and anxiety

It’s an emerging trend for marijuana to be an open source for treatment in the medical world but is it the best thing for depression? Majority of persons who agreed to smoking pot when they feel depressed or anxious reported a 99.9% success rate. We know that not everyone responds to medication the same, which … Read more

Decriminalization of weed in Caribbean countries

Map of the Caribbean

The Caribbean consists of the Lesser and Greater Antilles with different laws governing each sunny island. It is a common belief that weed is relatively grown in large proportions on the islands of the Greater Antilles. Majority of the cultivated weed is primarily consumed within the islands. The need for export has grown over the … Read more

Jamaica weed culture; One Love, One heart.

Jamaica’s weed culture is deeply rooted in the heritage of the small Caribbean island. Jamaica the land of wood and water. Majority of the classical international artistes that we know practice smoking the herb on a daily basis, despite the fact that it was illegal to have the plant in your possession. Jamaicans don’t just … Read more

Growth Hacks for the Best Tasting Marijuana

Marijuana has a big industry of its own and the people dealing with the same have just one motive in mind i.e. to maximize the yields. Their other aim is to get the maximum number of buds out of each marijuana plant. But, what usually gets ignored is the quality of the product. The fact … Read more

Fire up a bong for the World Cup; 5 minute bongs and treats for the half time | HighAF

We’ve all waited four whole years for the FIFA World Cup to come back around so that we could ship our favorite teams. So far we’ve witnessed shocking losses and ridiculous own goals but the games are still going on and we want to be stoned for the finals. Ever thought of making homemade bongs … Read more